Property owners who have been advised that their land is within the path of the proposed pipeline should take steps to educate themselves about the pipeline approval process.  They should keep informed of the latest proposals from PennEast because the pipeline path and siting of above-ground pipeline facilities can change multiple times.  And finally, they should learn what they can about the pipeline right-of-way negotiations so that they obtain the best compensation for their right-of-way and so that they are protected in the process.  Here are some websites that offer good information for property owners:

To learn about the pipeline approval process and your rights in that process, go to this site which offers a comprehensive guide to the approval process.  As a landowner, you should know your rights.

In order to keep informed of the latest proposals from PennEast, landowners should frequently check two sites: which is the website for the PennEast pipeline consortium which is proposing the pipeline.  The PennEast site has an interactive map of the latest proposed pipeline route. The second site which should be checked frequently is which is the website for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission which is the agency overseeing the pipeline approval process.  

To review information about the negotiation of a pipeline right-of-way, check out two sites:

Finally, the website offers referrals to attorneys who are experienced in pipeline right-of-way negotiations.